Devever 46 Polithouse

The Builder: POCTA International Group

POCTA International Group (Pacific Ocean Countries Trading Association) has produced more DeFever designed vessels over a longer period of time than any other builder. This successful Taiwan-based company is led by CEO Wilson Lin, who shares a special relationship with designer Arthur DeFever, and a dedication to producing a consistently superior product with a proud heritage.

POCTA manufacturing facilities were moved from Taiwan to Suzhou, located west of Shanghai, on mainland China more than a decade ago. The city of Suzhou, known as the “Venice of the Orient” is a center for commerce, landmarked by beautiful gardens and many canals. Mr. Lin is a gracious host and welcomes guests for factory tours and discovery of the many offerings of Suzhou and Shanghai.

The shipyard is well established on the mainland, contributing to the area’s international trade growth. POCTA manufactures only DeFever yachts within its130,000 sq. ft. modern enclosed facility. Raised pilothouse, cockpit motoryacht, aft cabin and Euro transom models from 45’ to 60’ are currently offered. More than 100 experienced craftsman and engineers, and the highest quality component parts, imported from around the world, are utilized in production. Each new yacht is launched into the 40,000 sq. ft. testing tank prior to shipment. The shipyard is located on the network of canals connecting to Shanghai, one of the most active ports on the Pacific rim. From Shanghai, new DeFever yachts are shipped to international destinations.

Every DeFever is as individual as its owner. Selection of options such as granite countertops and cabin configurations, and special requested built-ins make these semi-custom yachts a reflection of your lifestyle. POCTA has remarkably built what Arthur DeFever envisioned, with a quality and value that is respected and coveted.

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